Title : 9 Acres Land Touching the Nashik-Peth-Gujarat National Highway No. 848
Land Type : Commercial / Industrial land.
Suitable for :
Resort / Agro-Processing / School / Industry / Marriage Lawns, Ware-Housing.
Distance :
Touching the Nashik-Peth-Gujarat highway, 33kms from CBS Nashik. Approximately 30 kms from Gujarat Boundary, 12 kms from Waghad Dam

Location Map


Ambegan Layout

Features :

Touching the Nashik-Peth-Gujarat highway which has been declared a national highway & currently being concretized and widened.
This Property is Located in Dindori Taluka of Maharashtra State which has huge taxs benefits of D+ Zone for Industries & Establishments.
Developing location in the state of Maharashtra close to Gujarat boundary Suitable for an Industry or business activity to cater to the State of Gujarat.

Current Stage :
   Land Acquired.
   Ready for Transfer.
   Separate 7/12 extract.
   Title cleared document.

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